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About Us

Our mission is to enable people and business to feel confident about their financial future.  We do this by providing information in an understandable and personally appropriate format, giving control and choice back to our clients.

We select products and partners based on simple principals of security, clarity and trust. This starts with thorough research and understanding of the options available.  We will introduce a financial product if we are sure it has security; we will introduce a partner if they have a strong track record and correct regulatory compliance; we will introduce fixed return investments if they are insured or secured with a strong legal structure.

We offer information, reports and face to face meetings to provide clarity regarding financial information that is often unclear or overly complex.  We magnify the finance industry small print to the point where it is clearly visible. They say that with knowledge comes power – and with clear knowledge of financial obligations, financial position and financial options the power of choice is placed firmly in the hands of our clients. And with clarity of choice comes confidence in your financial future.